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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mr and Mrs Needham's Kitchen - 2008

Dear Diane
I know that it is quite a long time since you installed my kitchen, but i felt that i had to write and tell you how i feel about it.
When it was first finished, although I was pleased with it, there were a million books to read to understand how to use everything and it was all new and unfamiliar. I could not find anything as nothing was were it used to be, so it has taken me time to get to grips with all these new and wonderful appliances. Even now though there are still things to learn and keep trying out, i just wanted you to know i love my kitchen and it is a joy to be in there. It is my favourite room in the house and i get great pleasure from cooking in it, eating in it, baking with my grandsons in it and just having coffee with friends in it.
It is a lovely sunny room and always lifts my spirits. You were very patient helping us to choose the right things for us and for that i thank you. From the hob that takes no time to clean to the oven that practically cooks for itself, I love it all.
I tell everybody who asks that Diane Berry Kitchens planned and installed it and i am just glad that we asked you to come quote. You were a pleasure to deal with and the cooking demonstrations have been very helpful indeed., so the service goes on.
Thank you once again to yourself and your staff for turning my dream into reality.
Yours sincerely
A Needham

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