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Friday, 29 January 2016

Mr & Mrs Hodgson

 In this run of units we have a boiler, gas meter, hidden microwave, fridge, freezer, washer and a dishwasher along with the sink & tap!


Dear Diane, Team, Plasterers and the Electricians

When we decided to have a new kitchen, we still wanted a free standing gas cooker and no gadgets in cupboards. ………… most of the Kitchen Showrooms we looked around, the assistants looked amazed and tried to change our minds.

Diane listens to what you want, and goes out of her way to design a kitchen to suit you.

There was just one problem we had with the kitchen itself …….. but we give Diane and her team 10/10 for their speed and efficiency for sorting our problem out, thanks to Michael who was working nearby, it was soon sorted.

We couldn’t ask for anything more …… Thank you

In the 46 years we have lived in our house, we felt ..……. Diane you are so passionate about your work, and it shows in the people who work for you, as mentioned below.

They have been the most excellent, tidy, courteous workmen, we have had in our house, they all cared, and took a pride in their work, to get the end result which we have now …..… which is Absolutely Fabulous.

We just want to thank you all …….

Diane, Stephen, Michael, Martin, John, Hazel, David, Vicki and Douglas.

Plasterers  …… Sandy, Rob, Wesley ….  and Electricians.

for being involved in making our little kitchen a pleasure to work in.

Thank you, again.


Cath and Pete Hodgson

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mr & Mrs T. Morris

We moved into our self build home at the end of June 2015.  Just after we bought the plot of land in early 2014 we met with our future neighbours and we were bowled over by their 'wow' kitchen, and that is how we were introduced to Diane.  When we met Diane we were still designing the house and our brief to Diane was a ground floor centred around a 'wow' kitchen.  She produced sketches and met with us and our architect to design the layout.  Diane did not stop at the ground floor but also helped with the layout on the remainder of the house.

Diane helped us with design ideas, material choices, material and furniture suppliers for the whole house.  This took considerable time & effort.

Diane not only gave us an amazing kitchen, which everyone comments on, but also played a major role in helping us to design and build our dream home.

Diane and her team are experts in design, not limited to kitchens.

Tom and Rachel Morris

Monday, 25 January 2016

Mr & Mrs Bradshaw

The Corrigan's kitchen from Stockport

Dear Diane
Thank you for your letter and email. I am very sorry that it has taken so long to reply. Since the kitchen has been finished we have been busy decorating the rest of the house and taking a few short holidays.
It was absolutely fantastic to receive a copy of “Lancashire Life” last week and to see our kitchen featured. This was the icing on the cake for our friends who said our kitchen was like something you would see in a magazine. Now it really is!
We would thoroughly recommend Diane Berry Kitchens to anyone who is about to embark on a new kitchen project. Before coming to Diane Berry, we had been to a number of kitchen companies but they all seem to be average, run of the mill kitchens. None of them seemed to have a wow factor that would significantly upgrade a cooking area into a central social hub of the house.
From the initial design work to the finished kitchen the whole Diane Berry team was a professional joy to work with. Nothing that we asked for was too much trouble. Some of our tradesmen said that the working drawings that Diane provided were the clearest and best that they had ever worked from. This enabled them to complete their work with absolutely no problems. Ensuring a smooth and hassle free environment for us while they progressed to the finished kitchen.
As a practical working kitchen, Diane’s design is a harmonious bliss to work in. From fridge to hob, cupboard to oven, sink to dishwasher, everything is just in the right place to make the whole experience of preparing a family meal an experience to savour. Incorporating a utility room into the available space was sheer genius on Diane’s part as it eliminates the washday untidiness from the cooking/social area that our kitchen has become. No need to scurry off to other rooms if friends arrive unexpectedly.
All in all we would thoroughly recommend Diane Berry Kitchens to anyone on the lookout for a kitchen that is beyond the average. A kitchen that would add more than value for money to any house.
Diane I would be grateful if you put this on your website and use “The Corrigan Family from Stockport” as in Lancashire Life.

Yours sincerely

The Corrigans